The Rock-it Automatic Fish Scaler is the fastest and easiest way to scale up to 50 panfish at one time. The scaler eliminates slimy fish scales that get all over everything in your camp, boat, cabin, or kitchen. Scaling Crappie, Bass, Perch, Bluegill, Brim or other panfish will never be easier!

The Rock-it Automatic Fish Scaler also doubles as a livewell. When you’re done fishing, tow the fish scaler behind your boat on your way back to the dock. This amazing invention scales every fish for you. You arrive at the dock with your fish fully scaled and cleaned! The Rock-it Automatic Fish Scaler will not damage the skin or meat. If you fillet your fish, no problem, filleting fish is easier when they are scaled.

Thousands of expert and novice fishermen alike use the Rock-it Automatic Fish Scaler. They find it is simple, effective, and above all, SAVES TIME!

Made in the USA using only the highest quality available materials. Constructed with stainless and galvanized metals.